Lily Henderson works as a Director/Editor on both independent films and commercials. She has also been a member and co-organizer of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective for nine years.

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Clients who like working with her:

We’ve been courting Lily Henderson as director/producer/editor for over a year and FINALLY found the perfect project to work with her on … Lily’s mastered the very difficult balance of working with high level brand and agency clients while protecting the documentary core and emotion of a piece.  In short, she nailed it.
— Ben Tyson, StudioNow / AOL
Just had the pleasure of working with Lily Henderson who directed a project for IBM in Italy. Lily was fantastic. She has a great vision and worked collaboratively and creatively with our agency and the clients.  The fact that she edits as well makes her even more fantastic!  Looking forward to working with Lily again!
— Jamie Schutz, Head of Production, OgilvyEntertainment
Lily Henderson is a dual threat. Not only does she have the vision and skill to capture breath taking film but she is savvy of the advertising industry and collaborates well with clients. Her professionalism both offsite and onsite could not have been more appreciated. Can’t wait to work with her again.
— Scott Vogelsong, Senior Content Manager, OgilvyEntertainment
Lily Henderson is completely unique. In the throbbing noise of thousands of emerging filmmakers bubbling out of Brooklyn and beyond, Miss Henderson sits braced for action, atop a treehouse of innovation, professionalism and staggeringly beautiful work.
— Luke Parker Bowles, Open Road Integrated Media
Lily Henderson is a strong new talent and her skills far reaching. As a director and editor she is confident and self assured when diving into sometimes complex and highly technical subject matter. Her work is warm, honest and truly compelling.
— Jill Regan, Creative Director